We started seeing Ashley Smith about 3 years ago for speech therapy when my son was 4 years old. He had been in therapy since he was 23 months, was using an AAC device at the time, and had made minimal progress in his speech development. I specifically searched for someone certified in PROMPT training due to his apraxia of speech and found Ashley. Within months my son started using words and soon thereafter we were able to put the AAC device away. He was communicating effectively with others and getting his wants and needs met. I couldn’t have been happier with his progress. All it took was the right therapist and he progressed rapidly. He’s now an extremely social 7 year old that wants to talk to each kid he meets and is confident in his approach with peers!
— Abbey W.
Our family spent many hours looking for just the right speech therapist for our non-verbal daughter. We were so happy when we found Ashley! We looked high and low for a therapist trained in PROMPT and who had the patience and warmth to work with our daughter. Ashley instantly had a wonderful connection with our daughter and was patient with her when she was having an “off” day. Ashley used her speech therapy techniques to improve our daughter’s language skills and was excellent at communicating with us after each session her goals and our daughter’s progress towards those goals. We could not be more pleased with our time with Ashley.
— Leila E.
Upon receiving our autism diagnosis when my son was 3, finally realizing why he’d lost speech and now struggled to communicate, we were connected with Ashley Smith. I was a new autism mom, overwhelmed and feeling inadequate, unable to communicate with my son. Ashley bridged that gap with extreme patience, teaching me in every session as she worked with my boy. Fast forward to now, my son is 8, and has moved from non-verbal to minimally verbal, and his vocabulary and enunciation keep growing. We are experiencing new miracles almost daily. Ashley gave me the confidence and the tools to replicate what she did in sessions, and I’m forever grateful for her expertise as well as her gentle manner of teaching.
— DeeDee S.